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What form of payments do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards.

 How much is this certain/specific item?

While we handle orders in 100+ countries worldwide, we understand pricing and currencies can vary from country to country. For convenience, as you browse and shop our site, it will automatically detect your local currency in the market and convert pricing to a local market currency. Please note, upon checkout, pricing will be converted back to Euros for processing.

 Do you have any storefront locations in my area?

Unfortunately, at this time we currently do not have any physical locations in your area as our only store is online at buyonline4less.com. You can utilize our 256-bit SSL secure & encrypted server upon checkout for safety and security.

 Can I apply more than one discount code onto my order?

No.  As per our Discount Policy, only one discount code can be applied onto a single order.

 When I place an item into my cart, is the item then reserved for any period of time?

Placing an available item into your cart and/or wish-list does not reserve that item. Available inventory is only assigned to your order after you place your order and receive an e-mail confirmation that we've received your order.

 Do you have a customer service phone number that I can call?

At the moment we offer support and customer care via e-mail/site contact us section or direct messages on Facebook   We ask that all guest service inquiries be submitted in writing to us via info@shoponline4less.com, on our contact us web site section  or on our Facebook page . We do our best to respond to all inquiries, questions, comments, and concerns as soon as possible.

 When will my item's Tracking Number be available?

Tracking Numbers are usually generated within 3-5 business days, and may take up to another 7 days to have an updated tracking information depending on the efficiency of our shipping partners.

Tracking Numbers will be sent via email to our customers  through our system, even before the tracking information is ready.

 My Tracking Number's status is showing "Not Found", should I be worried?

No. In some cases, Tracking Numbers could take 3-7 days to have an updated status. While we work to integrate as many couriers as possible on a global scale, minor bug fixes may be causing your package to not display properly. You can also visit http://www.17track.net/  to track your package here as well.

 Tracking Numbers without updated information is not an indication of idle parcel or inactivity. Most of the time it merely means that the shipping company did not update their system on time, even when packages are shipped within the usual time frame.

 How long should I wait for my item to be delivered?

All items (domestic or international orders) will take an estimated 10-25 business days to be shipped and delivered. It's seldom, but sometimes this estimate can be longer for other countries we deliver to around the world, varying upon each country's postal service system and customs process.

Kindly also take note that in certain unforeseen cases, such as customs stops that resulted in additional delays, we will not be held liable.

There will also be expected delays to all shipments in a holiday season, due to the heavy volume of shipments that our shipping partners have to handle.

We are constantly working on improving our operation and shipping procedures with our shipping partners. We sincerely apologize to our customers  if any inconvenience caused regarding the shipping time.

 Will my order comes in one package?

Different items take different time to be shipped and delivered, due to a variety of factors such as weight, dimension, customs complication, etc.

 Therefore to speed things up for our customers , we sometimes ship items in one order out separately. It is perfectly normal to receive certain items of an order partially first, and others after.

Will I be notified on my order's status?

Yes! You will receive a confirmation email after you have placed your order, and another when your order is sent out.

 I placed an order but I didn't receive a confirmation email...what's going on?

Kindly check your SPAM folder to see if your confirmation email was sent there. if you are still unable to find it please shoot us an email at support@thetimeless-store.com and we'll be happy to help!

What's your refund/exchange policy?

The details to our refund policy can be found under the refund policy section of our site. We value our customers  and the orders they place with us. We strive for quality assurance and complete satisfaction as all times, so we will be more than happy to resolve any issue you may have via email. We love to go above and beyond for our customers .

Please Note: Items Marked as FREE items are neither returnable nor exchanged and we are not able to return any shipping charges.

Thank you for visiting our online store and FAQ page! We try our very best to work around the clock to ensure each order is being fulfilled and shipped properly. We've utilized this page to address and ease any inquiries. Feel free to contact us with anything else you might require assistance with.